Sonntag, April 18, 2021

Contribution to the WORLD CONGRESS 16. ICPP online ISBN 978-3-9822987-2-6 "Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity" This publication documents in print the presentation of an interactive eREADER (PHI 6.1) at the 16. International Conference on Philosophical Practice, July 2020 St. Peters- burg. The procedure had to be adjusted to the new situation and the conference was brilliantly organized by the Chelyabinsk team around Sergey Borisov ONLINE. Mike Roth´s presentation of initially 30 min became a workshop of 90 min. The book follows for the first 141 pages the structure and contents of the eBook (with small changes) and adds the eleborated text of the online workshop. Readers now will find the links to all presentations (video), see p.183 [1] and this leads to Click on Online Conference! Find yourself connected with

Mittwoch, März 24, 2021

Philosophische Woche 2021

D E N K R E I S E 2 0 2 1 Philosophische Woche ISTRIEN im August / September ÖKOSOPHIE & Latours Denkbewegung (Dr. Christine Mok-Wendt & mein Rückblick auf das online - Treffen Internationale Konferenz PhiloPraxis Privatdozent V.M. Roth

Mittwoch, März 17, 2021

ICPP 2021 wieder online

Mike Roth at ICPP2021 online DOING PHILOSOPHY TOGETHER: narrative philosophy (Michael Hampe), fictional practitioners (Leon de Haas) & philodrama Narrative Philosophy is a relatively young new branch on the old tree of philosophical literature. It combines literary traits with written philosophy. I will contrast works of Michael Hampe 2020, 2008 and Wolfram Eilenberger 2020, 2018 and discuss aspects of making use of these books in philosophical practice. For the perspective of bibliotherapy cf. Doing philosophy together, Roth & Mok- Wendt /, thanks to Ran Lahav and Willi Fillinger. As to philodrama see the video of my workshop at last years ICPP. - A stepping stone is “Reading in distributed roles” (several voices) of a narrative philosophy text like Michael Hampe, Wilderness-Soul-Nothing(ness) – Die Wildnis – Die Seele – Das Nichts in a setting of philosophical practice. I am asking Regina Penner to help simulating this last format with me in the workshop. A way to make use of Eilenbergers presentation of 4 great figures in the philosophy of the 20 th century (1933-1943) Hannah Arendt – Simone de Beauvoir – Ayn Rand – Simone Weil could be in formats inspired by Leon de Haas 2020 - , trying to create them as fictional philosophical practitioners.