Sonntag, März 23, 2014

15th to 18th of August BEOGRAD 2014

Tony & Phil: Yalom´s literary vision of a co-operation in THE SCHOPENHAUER-CURE

Yalom´s AND NIETZSCHE WEPT as well as THE SPINOZA-PROBLEM are well read among those interested in philosophy (mainly outside, but with some links to academia) in Switzerland and Germany. In the workshop at the 13th ICPP BEOGRAD 15th -18th of August 2014 I want to combine the topics of WHAT DO CLIENTS EXPECT FROM PHILOSOPHERS and (NOT) PLEASED TO MEET YOU, SCHOPENHAUER. See also the series of posts in English on the 2013 book of Thomas Polednitschek THE POLITICAL SOCRATES (German). With regard to Arthur Schopenhauer see Rudiger Safranski (translated by Ewald Osers) 1989: SCHOPENHAUER AND THE WILD YEARS OF PHILOSOPHY – a pleasure !
    The13th International Conference on Philosophical Practice (ICPP) „Philosophical Practice as a Profession and as a new Paradigm in Philosophy“ takes place at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (IFDT), University of Belgrade