Samstag, Januar 18, 2014

Philosophic Praxis & Yalom 1

as a novelist the american psychoanalist irvin d. yalom loves to portray 2 or more figures, one of them being a philosopher. Freud and Nietzsche. Rosenberg and Spinoza. in 2006 he published the schopenhauer cure. "many fine books guided me in my writing. by far, I am most heavily indebted to Rüdiger Safranski´s magnificent biography, schopenhauer and the wild years of philosophy".
the author´s alter ego in this novel is Julius: "decades ago he had studied (the philosophical novel) Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1891) while writing an article on the significant but unacknowledged influence of  Nietzsche on Freud". And another source of inspiration (not only on Freud) is Schopenhauer.

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