Sonntag, Dezember 08, 2013

PPS 3 Begriffsperson ? / Concept-Person

>Philosophy< -according to Deleuze/Guattari 1996- is c r e a t i n g concepts (Ffm: Was ist Philosophie? p. 10) But Thomas Polednitschek is also borrowing the term >concept-person< from these authors. The prototype is Socrates „as the concept-person of Plato´s philosophy“. And Polednitschek applies the term to philosophical practioners: philosophy gets „a human face“ in a philosophical practice, the face of the philosophical practitioner (Φπ).
On the one handside there is the praise of „poverty“- , like Socrates the Φπ is aware that she or he „does not know“ (beati pauperes spiritu). On the other side the Φπ is creating a conceptual constellation (>stella< is Latin for a star in the sky) and this fortunate constellation makes it possible for the visitor in the philosophical practice to find his or her way out of a life problem, cf. PPS p.8 and pp. 19 f

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Im Stanford Directory of Philosophy ist die Übersetzung "conceptual persona"