Samstag, Januar 18, 2014

Philosophic Praxis & Yalom 3

PRAISE FOR the schopenhauer cure
"Yalom´s melding of philosophy, ... psychiatry, and literature results in an engaging novel of ideas"
- San Francisco Chronicle

Phil had intellectually intrigued the time of their first meeting Julius had been working on a paper on psychotherapy and the will , and Phil´s question -- why can´t I do what I truely want to do? -- was  a fascinating beginning

Der Wille ist das Gewisseste. >Wille< ist (bei Schopenhauer) der Name für die Selbsterfahrung des eigenen Leibes...Die Selbsterfahrung des eigenen Leibes ist der einzige Punkt, wo ich erfahren kann, was die Welt ist, außer dass sie meine Vorstellung ist.   - Rüdiger Safranski, Schopenhauer 317
translated by  Ewald Osers the passage reads: The will is what we are most certain of. `Will` is (in Schopenhauer) the name for the self-experience of our own body ... Self-experience of my own body is the only point at which I can discover what the world is apart from its being my representation. Rudiger Safranski 212

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