Samstag, Januar 18, 2014

Philosophic Praxis & Yalom 2

in Yalom´s novel Julius is a San Francisco psychotherapist whose life is threatened by cancer. Julius was just informed about that at a routine health check. He is in the mood to question whether he could consider himself in his active life as an effective healer or not: "were you really, truly, helpful to your patients? maybe you´ve just learned to pick patients who were going to improve on their own anyway"
Phil (Philip Slate) is a counter example so far. Julius remembers that he failed to cure him from sex drivenness, "preferring to skate on the surface of life and devote all his vital energy to fornication". Julius remarked in a therapy session that the inscription on his tomb stone could read HE LOVED TO FUCK. 
"why would Phil continue for three years if he had gotten nothing? and god knows Phil hated to spend money"
Julius gets into contact with Phil 20 odd years later ...

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