Sonntag, Dezember 01, 2013

Tony & Phil: Yalom´s literary vision of a co-operation in THE SCHOPENHAUER-CURE

This is my proposal of a workshop at the Philosophical Practioners´ congress in Beograd. I am a philosophical practitioner organized in and Privatdozent at the University of  Constance / Bodensee at the Swiss/German border:  Yalom´s UND NIETZSCHE WEINTE  as well as THE SPINOZA-PROBLEM are well read among those interested in philosophy (mainly outside, but with some links to academia) in Switzerland and Germany. In the proposed workshop I want to combine the topics of WHAT DO CLIENTS EXPECT FROM PHILOSOPHERS and (NOT) PLEASED TO MEET YOU, SCHOPENHAUER. See also the series of blogs in English: on the 2013 book of Thomas Polednitschek THE POLITICAL SOCRATES


PD Dr. Volkbert M. Roth is editor of the book series PHILOSOPHISCHE PRAXIS (Konstanz)

1         Das OrientierungsLos (with Detlef Staude) for

2         Leben ändern? – WIR ÜBEN. Diskussion von Sloterdijk 2009 ANTHROPOTECHNIK

3         Paul Bischof: Legitimität ärztlicher Sterbehilfe

4         Viel Glück !


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