Dienstag, Juni 03, 2014

POLITICAL SOCRATES 3: What´s your goal in philo (practice)?

Thomas Polednitschek has a Wittgenstein poster pinned next to his writing desk showing a quote from the PHILOSOPHICAL INVESTIGATIONS: „What´s your goal in philosophy? (was ist Dein Ziel in der Philosophie)“  Thomas refutes (for philo practice) Wittgenstein´s solution: -„To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle“ - and he refers like Socrates to his "not knowing" (eigenes Nichtwissen, own ignorance), cf. p.7

A poem by Tschuang-tse is added. I will change it a little:

… on the way back home (the philosopher king) lost his "no-colour" (nichtfarben, colourless) pearl. He sends out science  to look fort he pearl. (Science does not have a concept of „no-colour“ and can not bring the pearl.) He sends out critique. (Critique sees too many "Nos" & finds not.) He sends out logic. (Logic knows no colours and can´t bring the no-colour/colourless  pearl.) Then (the philosopher king) asks Nothing (das Nichts) and Nothing had the night-coloured (nachtfarbene) pearl.

(Text in brackets is my interpretation) – oh yes, >nichtfarben< ought to read  >nachtfarben< and the switch > from a to i < was following no Intention. It was unintentional … absichtslos.

Philosophical practice takes place where the guest of a practitioner finds the way out of her/his problem themself. ( p. 8 ) 

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