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Polednitscheks Politischer Sokrates 1 --> Belgrad meeting 2014

Was will Philosophische Praxis ? WHAT IS THE AIM OF philosophical practitioners?
Φπ (philosophical practice) acts in contrast to the view of  the philosopher Jürgen Mittelstaß , who sees the proper center of a philosophical dialogue in that >anthropological< place, where we try to make the differences of the singularity of Alter and of Ego vanish – in processes of gaining knowledge.
Reference to Juergen Mittelstraß, Wissenschaft als Lebensform (Science/Philosophy as a Form of Life), Frankfurt 1982, p. 149
 Φπ (philosophical practice) places the singularity of the visitors & the singularity of  the Φπ (philosophical practitioner) in the center of dialogical thinking.
See: Thomas Polednitschek, Politischer Sokrates (PPS) , Muenster 2013, p. 5

But do the philosophers Thomas and  Juergen refer  to the same ?  If not, there is no contradiction, but difference. Is this a central point with respect to academic philosophy and Φπ (philosophical practice)?

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Egon Hein hat gesagt…


Egon Hein hat gesagt…

I found nothing about the next conference on the Internet.

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